2020 Northern Lights Power League



New for 2020!

The Northern Lights Power League is now 4 dates for $495 (for JVA-insured teams).  Teams of any affiliation (JVA, USAV, AAU, etc.) may register and participate.

A fifth date can be played on January 4-5 if you also register for our Optional Power League Date.

There is also an additional 12’s playdate taking place on May 9.

General Information

The Northern Lights Power League is open to all teams of any affiliation (JVA, USAV, AAU, etc.).  Enter all 4 league dates for only $495 (for JVA-insured teams) or pick and choose your dates for only $135 ($125 if you are JVA-insured) per date. Fit the dates you want into your schedule. Teams will play three matches (or equivalent to 3 matches) per playdate. Paid officials for all matches. Certified trainers on duty. Online, real-time results.

League Dates

12’s Division: January 11, January 26, March 1, March 21

14’s Division: January 12, January 25, February 29, March 22


12’s Division:  For 11 / 12 and Under Teams
14’s Division:  For 13 / 14 and Under Teams

We encourage any 15’s through 18’s teams to sign up for the Molten Series.

More information can be found on the Molten Series 2020 page.

Optional Playdates

Northern Lights will offer one Optional Playdate for each division in 2020.  These will take place on January 4 (14’s) and January 5 (12’s).  Registration for these dates is separate from the Power League registration and there is a separate fee for the Optional Playdate ($135 for a half day of play / $125 for JVA-insured teams; please e-mail the Northern Lights office to have your discount applied before making your payment).  Acceptance will guarantee the day of play, but not the time of play (AM or PM wave).  Any team can register for an Optional Playdate; you do not need to participate in the Power League itself.  Participation in the optional competition dates is on a first come first serve basis and they have filled up in the past.  Please don’t hesitate to register early!

Single Playdates

Are you unable to join us for an entire Power League?  We now offer teams the opportunity to register for any one Power League play date.  Registration will be under the name “NL Power League Single Playdate” along with the date offered on the registration site.  Each date your team participates in must be registered for separately.  Your team will be entered our Power League for that one day only and play alongside our regular Power League teams.  Your schedule for the weeks your team plays will be included with the regular Power League schedule.

Northern Lights 12’s Cup Tournament

The Northern Lights 12’s Cup has been the premier year-end tournament for 12’s and younger teams for over 10 years.  It is a tournament specifically designed to highlight the 12’s age group and provide a great experience as a possible final tournament of the year.  All teams in the 12’s Division of the Northern Lights Power League are invited to participate in this extra two-day tournament for FREE!  Simply sign your teams up for the 12’s Cup tournament, pay the $150 fee, attend the tournament and payment will be refunded.  The 12’s Cup will take place on March 28-29, 2020.  More information can be found on the 12’s Cup webpage.

Attendance Policy & Absence from the League

One of the biggest issues we face while running the Northern Lights Power League is  teams missing league dates or simply not showing up for their competition. Teams frequently inform us they will be missing after the schedule for the league date has already been posted. Changing the schedule is difficult and ends up impacting all of the other teams in the pool or bracket. The coaches, players, and parents on the receiving end complain to Northern Lights to do something about it.

Teams can miss any league date for any reason, if they notify us at least two weeks in advance. Please review the new Attendance Policy.

Winter Weather

Power Leagues will run as scheduled regardless of winter weather. It is extremely unlikely that we would ever cancel a Power League. If we were to cancel Power League due to 12+ inches of snow, we would post the information on the website in place of that day’s schedule. In the unlikely event of a weather cancellation there will be no rescheduled dates and no refunds, teams will simply advance to the next date in their same respective positions.

Two Adult Rostered Contacts Required

Each team must have two contact people.  One can be the Club Director / Team Rep, and the other must be a coach.  This will ensure we have valid contacts to which we can send important information, schedule changes, etc.

Both the Club Director and Head Coach MUST HAVE a valid email address and a valid phone number.  Most communication will be done through email.  We want phone numbers in case of critical situations when we need to get a hold of somebody on your team.  Your entry will not be considered complete until we have two contacts on each roster.


Legal USAV uniforms are required to play. Please check USAV Rules and Regulations. Due to the large number of people trying to get uniforms at the start of the season we will allow non-matching uniforms during the first three weekends of January.


The league will be sanctioned as a Junior Volleyball Association event.

We will accept age waivered teams into this event.

If you are JVA-insured, a discount will be applied to registration fee.  Additional instructions are on the  Cost and Registration page.

Further information about JVA membership can be found on the Junior Volleyball Association website jvaonline.org or by calling the Junior Volleyball Association office at (414) 640-1738.

Female Athletes Only

The Northern Lights Power League is a female player only event. Boys are not eligible to participate in the league.

Libero Serving

The Libero is permitted to serve in all age divisions.

Certified Athletic Trainers

Northern Lights is proud to continue its tradition of providing Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists athletic trainers at it’s Power League dates. The trainers will be able to provide taping services, ice, and emergency injury evaluation. This has always been great benefit to the players and one which is becoming more important as the athletes play at higher levels.


Players are admitted for free.

Coaches will be given a pass to enter for free at the beginning of each year.  Coaches must show their pass to front door security or they will be required to pay admission.

For all others, admission for the Power League is $7 for adults and $5 for High School and younger students. Age 5 & under is free.


All matches will be held in the state-of-the-art Midwest Volleyball Warehouse facility!

Additional Events

Northern Lights is happy to offer its Youth Winter League for the 2nd year.  The Youth Winter League is a Power League-like event that will take place mostly at the Midwest Volleyball Warehouse when other events are scheduled to take place.

The Youth Winter League is for 12U players.  This league is specifically for volleyball beginners and is designed to be a competition that allows clubs to ease their new players into the sport of volleyball.  There are no uniform requirements, no paid referees, and there is no cost to enter.  Higher-level, more competitive teams should not register for this league.

Please visit the Youth Winter League webpage for more details.