Northern Lights Chaperone

All teams traveling to the following events require 1 chaperone.

  • Omaha – NL Qualifier & Jan Thaw (All teams 142 and above plus 131)
  • Omaha or Kansas City President’s Day (All teams except 11-2, 10-1, YDT)
  • Mideast Qualifier in Indianapolis March 13-15 (151)
  • Red Rock Qualifier March 27-29 (All 18’s, 171, 161)
  • Show Me Qualifier in Kansas City  April 3-5 (141)
  • Show Me Qualifier in Kansas City April 9-11 (All 17’s & 16’s, 151, 152, 15B)
  • Stars and Stripes in Milwaukee May 23-25 (All 14’s, 13’s, 121)

All teams traveling to the AAU National Championships in Orlando require 2 chaperones. Husband and wife teams are preferred. You also get free admission to the event.

  • Orlando ( All 17’s, 16’s, 15’s, 141, 142, 14B, 131, 132, 121)

All 18’s teams that are attending the USAV National Championship in Columbus Ohio are required to have 1 chaperone.  You get free admission to the event.

All teams that are attending the USAV National Championship in Las Vegas are required to have 1 chaperone. You get free admission to the event.

  • Las Vegas (171, 172, 161, 162, 151, 152, 141)


  • Chaperones are expected to supervise and be with the team at all non-playing times. They are responsible for making sure the players have a good breakfast, have cooler food available for lunch, and work with the coach to determine dinner plans. They are not responsible for transportation of players, except in Orlando where they must be prepared to be one of the van drivers. They will work with the coach to determine any team activities.

What Northern Lights Provides

  • Northern Lights will supply each team with 1 hotel room for the Chaperone. With the exception of the Orlando trip (see below) there will only be 1 Chaperone allowed in that room. The Chaperone may have their spouse in the same room. A Chaperone’s other children are not permitted to stay in the Chaperone’s room. Two parents from different families who say they are “sharing” the Chaperone duties are not permitted to share/stay in the same room, problems have arisen from this in the past.
  • Northern Lights will supply airfare with the team for 1 Chaperone per team for any event we fly to. (Orlando is two airfares, see below). The Chaperone must fly with the team.
  • For Orlando: Northern Lights will provide 2 airfares to Orlando with the team. The Chaperones must fly with the team both ways. The Chaperones will be guaranteed 1 room in the house for the two chaperones. The room may be either a King or two twin beds, room type is not guaranteed. No other siblings of the Chaperone may stay in the house or be transported in the team vans.

Selection Process

  • All applicants will be reviewed by the coach, Curt & Adam. The coach may indicate you are being considered for a chaperone, but final determinations and approvals will be made by Curt & Adam and then communicated to you.

To Apply

  • To submit your name for consideration as a chaperone at one of the tournaments, click on the link below and fill out the form.
  • Sign-up will open once we have confirmed teams later in December.  The link for sign-up is below, however right now it will show a default message of “no longer accepting submissions”.   This means it is still not available.  We will send an email to all parents when we open the chaperone registration up.