Congratulations to our Northern Lights Teams that competed in the

Show Me Qualifier (Kansas City, MO) and the Red Rock Rave Qualifier (Las Vegas, NV)!

16-1 place 3rd and received a bid, qualifying for USAV Junior Nationals in the 16 Open Division.

16-2 placed 1st and received a bid, double qualifying in the USA Division, having received their first bid in Denver 3 weeks ago.

17-2 placed 3rd and received a bid, qualifying in the USA Division for USAV Junior Nationals.

17-Black placed first, qualifying in the 17 American Division but declined the bid.

15-1’s finished 17th overall in the 15 Open Division.

17-1’s finished 8th overall in the 17 Open Division.

17-Red finished 9th overall in the 17 American Division.