Summer SAQ & High School Preparation

Alex Brodjeski (Head of Athletic Development for Northern Lights) is proud to roll out a new comprehensive preparation program for the high school volleyball season.

By enrolling in this SAQ program, you will receive an individualized strength and conditioning plan accounting for your position, athletic needs, body structure, life schedule and goals.

A total of 19 Group sessions, 4 On-the-Court sessions and 13 On Own/At Home workouts are included with this program.

This 8-week program is open to all players in grade 9 or above in Fall 2019.

Sessions taking place at Midwest Volleyball Warehouse are currently scheduled to take place 11:30am – 1:00pm.  These times maybe adjusted depending on player availability as well as the number of registrants.

Cost is $989 for 8 weeks of training or approximately $43 per day spent at the Midwest Volleyball Warehouse (23 days in total).

A 2nd option has just been added!  Due to some club seasons ending late into the month of June, a second option beginning on July 1 has now been made available.  The cost is $739 for 6 weeks of training.  Everything listed in the chart listed above will still be followed – the player will simply be starting two weeks later!  The 6-week program is open to players in grade 7 and above in Fall 2019.


All registration is done online at  Please click here for registration instructions


  • 50% refund before May 20.
  • No refunds on or after May 20.
  • Requests for full refunds may be granted upon individual written request only in the case of medically documented injury (this means a note from the doctor).
  • All refund requests must be emailed to
  • No refunds or credits shall be made for cancellations due to inclement weather, or circumstances out of our control.
  • No pro-rated fees for missing sessions.