2011 Maurice Batie Award of Excellence Recipient


2011 winner Taylor Voss (right) presented by Adam Beamer

The following speech was made by 2010 Mo Award winner, Danielle Dombeck on June 5, 2011 as she announced the 2011 Maurice Batie Award of Excellence.

Hello, I’m Danielle.. Aka Dee… Unfortunately I could not make it to this year’s banquet so instead I decided this would be the best possible way for you to all see my smiling face.

I remember about a year ago when I received this award, I was more than excited. I was honored. As I walked up in front of all those people tears ran from my eyes. I realized that being a part of something so meaningful to this club was an accomplishment I never thought I had in me and I couldn’t wait to give this speech to the next recipient (even though I’m not great at giving them).

Maurice batie didn’t just see a good player; he saw great character and hard work. I once had the opportunity to meet Maurice back when I was a little kid. I would always come to my mom’s practices and there he was; walking from court to court and every time I saw him, there was one thing that never changed… His smile. He was always positive and had great dedication which is why this award is so special.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it’s that the most important thing in life is “showing up”. As I received notice of this year’s Maurice recipient, I realized this person definitely” showed up”. I didn’t even have to ask curt who the winner was because I already knew from the beginning.

Over the years I have gotten to know this person, and watched her grow in this club into a wonderful volleyball player, and most importantly a wonderful person. Her bright and shining smile makes me look back at myself and realize how much we have in common. I would refer to her as the glue that holds it all together. No matter what she always gives 100% and her positive attitude only makes a coach and its players thankful every day. She stands out not only through talent, but dedication. She may not sweat as much as I do but she works hard every time she steps on that court. Using one word, I would describe this individual with ENERGY. There is never a dull moment when playing next to this stud.

So after dedicating 6 years to the club with outstanding accomplishments and a successful high school career I am honored to announce this year’s Maurice Batie award recipient which Columbia University will be lucky to have next year… Taylor Voss. Congratulations Taylor.