Maurice Batie Award of Excellence

Maurice Batie

Maurice “Mo” Batie

Northern Lights Volleyball is privileged to be able to honor the memory, the values and the principles of former coach and friend, Maurice Batie. You have all heard the name “Maurice Batie” and you have all seen his picture on the wall at Midwest Volleyball Warehouse, but many of us do not know who he was or what he stood for. Maurice Batie was an assist volleyball coach at the University of Minnesota. He came to Northern Lights Volleyball in 1998, during a time of incredible changes within our club. Many coaches had left because they were wanting more control. Maurice wanted to be apart of Northern Lights because of the many positives we offer to our participants. Nonetheless, he was leery of the controversy of other coaches leaving and did not want to be associated with anything that may be viewed at negative. Maurice finally decided to join the Northern Lights coaching staff because of our commitment to excellence, our fund raising opportunities, but most importantly our “good people.”

Maurice Batie started the Middle Hitter practices and coached the 18-1’s. He passed away on March 1st, 2000. His death brought with it devastation and grief to anyone who knew him. He will always remain in our hearts and in our thoughts, but most importantly in your home…Midwest Volleyball Warehouse!

Northern Lights wanted to honor Maurice with an annual award because of the great person he was and hoped to continue to become. To be a receipient of this award means many things. To explain its full meaning we have to think back to all the little “Mauricisms” and the two greatest complements he could make about someone. These compliments summarize what he was all about. One has to do with being an athlete. The other has to do with being a good individual.

“She’s a player,” something many athletes wished Maurice would say about them. It did not matter to Maurice if you were 6’2″ or 4’11”, 18’s or 14’s, he would look at someone and just know if they were going to be “A Player.” The other compliment Maurice would give people was… “They are Good People.” To Maurice “good people” were those who possessed values and integrity, loyalty and principles. People to surround yourself with that exude positive energy.

When you see the picture on the wall, what does it mean? What does it stand for? It is a constant reminder that when we walk in the gym, if we work hard, are dedicated, and love the game, we can be “players”. It is not just meant to be a memorial, but to be an inspiration that whether we are a player, coach, or parent; young or old; male or female; black or white . . . we need to work every day to be “good people”

Adam Beamer ’03