2020 Northern Lights Schedule & Costs

Northern Lights teams practice more, play more, travel more, and pay less than any other club in Minnesota! Compare trips and you’ll see that even though other clubs charge the same fees we do, they don’t attend the same major events or pay the same expenses.

Our costs include:

  • Airfare to all and bus to most of our travel events including Omaha, Kansas City, Denver, Orlando & Dallas.
  • Hotels for all players & the chaperone at all travel events
  • All required gear and uniforms including shoes, kneepads, socks, and backpack (see below for full listing)

Other clubs require parents to purchase airfare independently and to pay for their daughters hotels at events they drive to.  That can add up to $2000 or more per player in costs for a team that travels to multiple events such as our top teams do.  With Northern Lights you don’t have that additional hidden cost.

Northern Lights is proud to say that we have not reduced our practice times like many other clubs have. Most of our teams will still practice 3 times per week.

$1000 is due as a deposit on tryout day if your daughter commits to Northern Lights.  Checks are preferred.

Below is a table containing the costs for all teams. When you are spending $2910-$5900 to play volleyball, we believe you deserve to know where you are going.

Fundraising and grants are available.

Our costs are published by the end of August, well in advance of the tryouts, giving you all the information you need to make a decision. With Northern Lights you know what the costs is going to be well in advance.

(The table below has been updated for 2020 club year)

Team# Practices
Deposit*Monthly Payment
(# Months)
Total Expenses
18-13$1500$880 (5)$ 5900
18-23$1500$880 (5)$ 5900
18-Black3$1500$880 (5)$ 5900
17-13$1000$875 (6)$ 6250
17-23$1000$800 (6)$ 5800
17-Black3$1000$620 (6)$ 4720
17-Red3$1000$620 (6)$ 4720
17-White3$1000$620 (6)$ 4720
16-13$1000$875 (6)$ 6250
16-23$1000$800 (6)$ 5800
16-Black3$1000$620 (6)$ 4720
16-Red3$1000$620 (6)$ 4720
16-White3$1000$620 (6)$ 4720
15-13$1000$875 (6)$ 6250
15-23$1000$800 (6)$ 5800
15-Black3$1000$620 (6)$ 4720
15-Red3$1000$475 (6)$ 3850
15-White3$1000$475 (6)$ 3850
14-13$1000$750 (6)$ 5500
14-23$1000$540 (6)$ 4240
14-Black2$1000$505 (6)$ 4030
14-Red2$1000$325 (6)$ 2950
14-White2$1000$325 (6)$ 2950
14-Zinc2$1000$325 (6)$ 2950
13-13$1000$540 (6)$ 4240
13-22$1000$505 (6)$ 4030
13-Black2$1000$325 (6)$ 2950
13-Red2$1000$325 (6)$ 2950
13-White2$1000$325 (6)$ 2950
12-12$1000$505 (6)$ 4030
12-22$1000$250 (6)$ 2500
11-12$1000$250 (6)$ 2500
YDT**2$500$130 (6)$ 1280


* A deposit of $1000 is made on tryout day once the player has been selected to join the club. All Northern Lights players and their families will be required to assist the club on occasions that include (but are not limited to) set-up and takedown duties at Northern Lights events.  15-1, 16-1, 16-2, and 17-1 families may be asked to contribute more of their time to the club due to international travel and additional Qualifiers these teams have scheduled for the 2019-2020 club year.

** The Youth Development Team (YDT) is a new Northern Lights program that is entering its 2nd year.  Please see the Youth Development (YDT) tab under tryouts for more information.

10’s, 11’s, and 12’s 

If we have a 10’s team in 2020, this team will be for players in 4th grade and younger. The goal for this age-level is to introduce the game of volleyball to the players and start teaching them the basic skills correctly at this young age.  If we do not get enough players registered that meet the age requirements, there may be an opportunity for players of this age to play at the 11’s level.

The 11’s team is primarily for 5th grade age players.  Like the 10’s age level, the goal for this age level is to introduce the game of volleyball to the players, and start teaching them the basic skills correctly at this young age.

Our 12-1 team will accept any player in our 11’s & 12’s program who is capable of playing on that team as what we consider to be an impact player. Final decisions on this will be made by the staff, usually after several weeks of practice.

Less Travel / Lower-Cost Teams

In the past few years we have had teams such as 16-Red & 16-White , 15-Red & 15-White, 14-Red, 14-White, 13-Black & 13-Red. These teams were highly successful and were trained and participated in the same local events as the rest of the club did. To keep the cost lower on these teams they are not traveling to as many “away” events. We will once again be offering these additional teams in age groups where player availability is sufficient.  If you are interested in only playing one of these lower traveling teams, please tell us at the tryouts and we will place you accordingly.

Players who are age-eligible for a 12’s team or younger are also eligible for our new Youth Development Team (YDT).  Please see the Youth Development Team page for more information.

Mizuno Uniforms & Equipment

Northern Lights is proud to be a Nationally Sponsored Mizuno Program. NL teams will be some of the best outfitted teams in the nation. Here’s what each player will get as part of their membership in the club:

  • Practice Shirts (2-4 depending on your practice schedule)
  • Practice & Game Shorts (2-3 depending on your practice/game schedule)
  • Game Jerseys (2-3 depending on your team’s schedule)
  • Complete Warm-ups
  • Travel Bag and/or Backpack
  • Kneepads
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Plus we usually have a few “surprises” for the players throughout the season.

Events Our Teams Will Attend

Molten SeriesVariousVariousXXXXXXXX
Rochester Elite ScrimmageRochester1/11-1/12XXX
Northern Lights QualifierMinneapolis1/31-2/2XXXXXXXX
Presidents’ Day ClassicOmaha2/15-2/17XXXXXX
Triple CrownKansas City2/15-2/17XX
Crossroads QualifierDenver3/13-3/15XXXXXXXX
NCR Regional QualifierMinneapolis3/21-3/22XX
Show Me QualifierKansas City4/3-4/5X
Italy TournamentItaly4/5-4/14XXX
Northern Lights ChallengeMVW4/13-4/14XXXXXXXX
Northern Lights QualifierMinneapolis4/24-4/26XXXXXXXX
AAU Super RegionalMVW5/10XXXXX
Stars & Stripes ClassicMinneapolis5/23-5/25XXXXXXXX
AAU NationalsOrlandoTBDXXXXX
US Junior NationalsIndianapolisTBDXX
Amsterdam TripMVW12/25-1/6XX
Molten SeriesVariousVarious XXXXXXXXXX
Rochester Elite ScrimmageRochester1/11-1/12X
January Thaw/Winter FreebieMinneapolis1/31-2/2XXXXXXXXXX
Presidents’ Day ClassicOmaha2/15-2/17XXXXXXXX
Triple CrownKansas City2/15-2/17XX
Northern Lights ChallengeMVW3/7-3/8XXXXXXX
Crossroads QualifierDenver3/7-3/9XXX
Crossroads QualifierDenver3/13-3/15XXXXX
Regional QualifierMinneapolis3/14-3/15XX
Regional QualifierMinneapolis3/21-3/22XX
Show Me QualifierKansas City4/3-4/5XX
Northern Lights QualifierMinneapolis4/24-4/26XXXXXXXXXX
AAU Super RegionalMVW5/9 or 5/10XXXXXXXXXX
Stars & Stripes ClassicMinneapolis5/23-5/25XXXXXXXXXX
US Junior NationalsIndianapolisTBDXXXX
NL Power LeagueMVWVariousXXXXXXXX
Molten SeriesVariousVariousXXX
January Thaw/Winter FreebieMinneapolis1/31-2/2XXXXXXXXXXX
Presidents’ Day ClassicOmaha2/15-2/17XXXXXXXXXXX
Northern Lights ChallengeMVW3/7-3/8XXXXXXXXXXX
Regional QualifierMinneapolis3/14-3/15X
Show Me QualifierKansas City3/28-3/30X
Northern Lights QualifierMinneapolis4/17-4/19XXXXXXXXXXX
Spring FreebieMVW5/2-5/3XXXXXX
AAU Super RegionalMVW5/9XXXXX
Stars & Stripes ClassicMilwaukee5/23-5/25XXXXXXXXXXX
AAU NationalsOrlandoTBDXXXXX
US Junior NationalsIndianapolisTBDX
NL Power LeagueMVWVariousXXX
Molten SeriesVariousVariousX
Youth LeagueVariousVariousX
January Thaw/Winter FreebieMinneapolis1/31-2/2X
Presidents’ Day ClassicOmaha2/15-2/17XXX
Northern Lights ChallengeMVW3/7-3/8X
12’s CupMVW3/28-3/29XXXX
Northern Lights QualifierMinneapolis4/17-4/19XXX
Spring FreebieMVW5/2-5/3XXX
AAU Super RegionalMVW5/9X
Stars & Stripes ClassicMilwaukee5/23-5/25X
AAU NationalsOrlandoTBDX