We are more than just volleyball.

As proud as we are that we have had the opportunity to train some of the best volleyball players in the country, we recognize that what happens in our gyms and on our courts can be important life lessons for our players.

We are proud to share the following feedback we have received from the parent of a player who graduated from our program a few years ago:

“Been a long time since I have e mailed the club being as (player’s name) played for Lights several years ago and graduated from high school in 20XX.  This past weekend (player’s name) graduated with a Masters degree in  Physician Assistant Studies.  I felt I should send an e mail to recognize the importance of what her time at Northern Lights did for her.

Playing for Northern Lights did more than just make her a good volleyball player.  It provided her with the skills she needed in life to fulfill her goals.  I think she is pretty typical of most players in the program.  She was not destined to be a Division 1 volleyball player but being involved in a club program provided her with several “tools” that were instrumental in assisting her to becoming a successful adult.  Among those tools are:

1. Learning that hard work and goal setting is critical to achieving what you want.

2. Time management in life is an important tool for reaching your goals.

3. Life is not always fair but you need to continue to work hard.

4. Leadership and teamwork are not just terms used when involved in sports.  They are important qualities to have for everyday life.

5. Commitment is important.  If you start something, finish it.  If you are a part of a team,  you are 100% invested and contribute in ways other than being a “starter”.  You always give 100%.

6. If at first you don’t succeed, continue to work hard.

7. Take the lessons you learn in playing sports and apply them to life.  Involvement in sports provides important life lessons.

In looking at the girls (player’s name) played with in the program,  all of them have moved on to be successful young adults.  It is truly amazing to see what some of them are doing now.

I want to thank you for all the lessons learned through her involvement with Northern Lights.  A special thanks to Andy who had to teach her some very important lessons (and had to deal with a helicopter mom while doing it).

Thanks for everything you do for these young women.”