Concessions Supervisor

We need approximately 14 Concessions Supervisors. This position is for Adult females. It is not possible to share this position with someone else in your family.

There are 2 Supervisors on duty together when the concessions are running.


  • Responsible for the supervision of the concessions stand during tournament days
  • Directs players who are working and teaches them how to safely and efficiently serve people.
  • Assures that proper food handling procedures and temperatures are being followed.
  • Prepares some of the food items.
  • Manages the cash & change in the register as needed.
  • Keeps the players who are working motivated and in good spirits
  • Check the female restroom’s supplies as needed.


  • You will work approximately 10-12 shifts during the tournament season.
  • Each shift is about 7 hours long.
  • There are two shifts each day, 7am -2pm and 2pm -9pm. Saturday and Sunday.
  • You will not be able to work just the AM or just the PM shift, or Saturday only or Sunday only.
  • The shifts you get will be selected by you during a meeting (date & time TBD). At that meeting all of the supervisors who are selected will sit down and negotiate their shifts for the entire year, January – May. This will help you decide which shifts you would like to have the most. However in the end, you will need to be flexible at the meeting. You will only be attending this meeting if you are selected to be a Concessions Supervisor. You will be notified by Curt if you are selected.

Selection Process

  • All applicants will be reviewed by Curt. Selection is based on many factors.
    • Multiple daughters in the club
    • Financial needs which have been communicated to Curt
    • Previous experience in our Concessions.
    • An even distribution of parents in the age divisions to assure coverage on all weekends.
    • Other life experiences that may apply to this.
  • All applicants who are selected will be contacted by Curt no later than 1 week after the sign-up is closed.
  • All applicants who are selected will need to attend the scheduling meeting.  (date & time TBD)

Rate of Pay

  • You are paid an hourly wage between $18-$22 per hour based on previous experience in our concessions.
  • You are paid as a normal employee with the normal tax withholdings. Checks are issued monthly.
  • You will be issued a W-2 form each January for the previous year’s wages.
  • It is not possible to credit your daughters account instead of being paid. (The IRS has told us no.)
  • Most people earn about $1200 in this position.

To apply

  • To submit your name for consideration as a Concessions Supervisor, click on the link below and fill out the form.
  • Sign-up will open November 21 and will close on November 28.