Cleaning Crew

After each Power League or tournament in the Warehouse we need to clean it up and get it ready for action the next day. The cleaning crew is responsible for the Mezzanine & Bathrooms. The Building Supervisor takes care of the gym area.

We need 3 – 4 cleaning crews. This position requires a minimum of 3 people. Usually it is the parents and daughter working together. It takes approximately 1.25 hours to do this job with 3 people.


  • Wipe down Mezzanine counter, flip chairs, sweep floor, mop any spills
  • Empty all trash from Mezzanine (we have a trash room upstairs that you throw it into) and replace with clean bags
  • Clean the 3 bathrooms. Saturday is a “quick” clean, Sunday is a full clean with another crew helping.
  • Sweep the 3 sets of stairs.
  • Usually Dad does the Mezzanine while Mom & daughter start on the bathrooms.


  • You will clean approximately 7-10 times during the tournament season depending on the # of crews we have.
  • We usually start cleaning between 7:45-8:15pm and try to end by 9:30pm
  • Cleaning happens on both Saturday and Sunday nights after Power League/tournaments.
  • Requires 3 person crew, two adults required plus 1 other person capable of helping.
  • Your dates will be determined by sitting down with the other crews in late December or early January and together filling out the schedule for the year. Curt will let you know the exact date/time this will happen.

Selection Process

  • All applicants will be reviewed by Curt. Selection is based on many factors.
    • Multiple daughters in the club
    • Financial needs which have been communicated to Curt
    • Previous experience as a cleaning crew.
    • An even distribution of parents in the age divisions to assure coverage on all weekends.
    • Other life experiences that may apply to this position.
  • All applicants who are selected will be contacted by Curt during December and schedules arranged.

Rate of Pay

  • You are paid a flat rate of $155 per time.
  • You are paid as a normal employee with the normal tax withholdings. Checks are issued monthly.
  • You will be issued a W-2 form each January for the previous year’s wages.
  • It is not possible to credit your daughters account instead of being paid. (The IRS has told us no.)

To apply

  • To submit your name for consideration as a Cleaning Crew, click on the link below and fill out the form.
  • Sign-up will open November 21 and will close on November 28.