Building Supervisor

We need 4-5 building supervisors. This position is for an Adult male.


  • Responsible for the successful operation of the building during tournaments
  • You are the first person in the building to open it and the last person out to close it.
  • Assure all of the workers show up and get them started on their jobs
  • Direct people and answer questions.
  • Patrol the building on a regular basis to keep a safe & clean environment for all.
  • Empty trash as needed.
  • Help the Retail store as needed
  • Monitor the front door admissions and cash.
  • Perform any minor maintenance to keep the building operational during the event.
  • At day’s end clean/reset the gym area for the next day’s event.
  • Refill the Men’s restroom’s supplies as needed.


  • You will work approximately 7-8 shifts during the tournament season.
  • Each shift is about 15 hours long.
  • Typical day is 7am -10pm.

Selection Process

  • All applicants will be reviewed by Curt. Selection is based on many factors.
    • Multiple daughters in the club
    • Financial needs which have been communicated to Curt
    • Previous experience as a building supervisor.
    • An even distribution of parents in the age divisions to assure coverage on all weekends.
    • Other life experiences that may apply to this position.
  • All applicants who are selected will be contacted by Curt during December and schedules arranged.

Rate of Pay

  • You are paid an hourly wage of $18-$20 per hour.
  • You are paid as a normal employee with the normal tax withholdings. Checks are issued monthly.
  • You will be issued a W-2 form each January for the previous year’s wages.
  • It is not possible to credit your daughters account instead of being paid. (The IRS has told us no.)

To apply

  • To submit your name for consideration as a Building Supervisor, click on the link below and fill out the form.
  • Sign-up will open November 21 and will close on November 28.