Fundraising/Work Opportunities

Information about the different fundraising/work opportunities Northern Lights offers is listed below.  These positions will not be open for registration until after tryouts and team selections have been made.  Sign-up will open on November 21 and will close on November 28.  This information is meant as a guideline for parents so they know what kind of financial help is available.

To be clear, these are opportunities to work to help offset club fees for the year.  While it is true that Northern Lights does have an annual volunteering requirement, working these jobs will not earn you credit towards that requirement.

Midwest Volleyball Concession Area – Players

Players will have the opportunity to work in the Midwest Volleyball Concession area. Players will be credited at the rate of $9.00 per hour to their account. Generally the times available are shifts from

7 am – 2 pm

2 pm – 9 pm

10 am – 3 pm

12 pm – 6 pm

Players must be on a 14’s or older age level team in order to work the concessions.

Sign-up will open November 21 and will close on November 28.

Front Door Security/Ticket Booth Worker

During the days we operate events, we have a person stationed at the front door to help assure everyone that is supposed to pay admission does, to keep coolers out of the building, and to direct incoming people. We will staff two Front Door Security workers for each shift – one will handle the security and the other will take money for admission.

We do ask that you be willing to work in either position if you express interest in this job.  Basically, we will hire two people from those we accept per shift – one to work security and one to work the ticket booth.  This will also provide flexibility in case one person needs to cover for another for a brief period of time.

Parents are required for this position and it pays a rate of $17.50 per hour.  There are generally two shifts each day during playdays with two waves:

7:00 am – 12:30 pm

12:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Northern Lights does occasionally have days where only one shift (or one extended shift) is needed.  This will be reflected on the schedule before committing to shifts.

Sign-up will open November 21 and will close on November 28. 

Building Clean up Crews

From January – May we are operating virtually every weekend in this building. Most of the dates are events we operate such as the Power League, Freebie and May tournaments. After each of these events we need to clean the mezzanine, lobby, and bathrooms resetting them for the next days use. This job requires at least 2 people and is usually best accomplished with 3, a “Crew” is typically a player with their mom & dad and sometimes other siblings. It starts around 8:30pm after play is done or almost done, and concludes when you finish about 1.25-1.5 hours later. We pay $155 for each of these clean up dates. There are approximately 40 dates (Saturday and Sunday nights) we need to clean the building. To minimize training time, and allow for crews to become efficient at cleaning we will only be choosing 4 crews. This means each crew will be doing approximately 10 dates.

Sign-up will open November 21 and will close on November 28.

The decisions on who are chosen is based on a variety of things such as: parents who have 2 kids in the program, parents who have kids on higher cost teams, and parents who may have special financial needs. Once the crews are chosen we will meet with all of them together to divide up the dates.

Midwest Volleyball Concession Area Supervisor

This year we will be training in 5-9 new Concession Area Supervisors. These people handle the operation of the concessions at Midwest Volleyball Warehouse. Duties range from opening the concessions, prep food, manage cash and change, supervise the players working there, closing the concessions. These people will be paid at an hourly rate of $18-$22 hour depending on qualifications/ability. Shifts for these people will be from 7:15 am – 2pm, and 2pm – 9 pm. These positions are only available for adults. These supervisors will be working approximately 10-12 shifts from January – May. This position is primarily a female position. It also is not possible to “split” it with another person.

Sign-up will open November 21 and will close on November 28.

Selection will be based on a variety of factors.

Midwest Volleyball Warehouse- Building Supervisor

In addition to the site supervisors we have during the events, there is always a Building supervisor on Duty at Midwest Volleyball Warehouse. We will be looking for 2-4 people who are capable of running the building from January – May. These people are basically responsible for all aspects of the building operation on Saturday and Sundays. The hours on these shifts can range from 8-16 hours depending on what the person wants to do. Persons interested in working as a building supervisor should contact Curt. This position carries some substantial responsibilities and will be chosen based on discussions with each of the interested people. Pay for these positions ranges from $18-$20 hr and is based on experience. This position is primarily a male position.

Sign-up will open November 21 and will close on November 28.

Selection will be based on a variety of factors.


Northern Lights Junior Volleyball offers grants for players that need financial assistance. These grants range from $250 – $1500. The number of grants each year is determined by the Northern Lights Board of Directors. Find out more information on our Grant Page.