Minneapolis Convention Center

Home of the Northern Lights Qualifier and the Stars & Stripes Classic


Minneapolis Convention Center,
1301 2nd Ave S,
Minneapolis, MN 55403

All Courts: Minneapolis Convention Center, Downtown Minneapolis


NLQ Location Photo 1

NLQ Location Photo 2

The top picture shows 14 of a possible 66 courts on the main floor. The bottom picture shows about 50 more of the courts. The Convention Center can hold up to 84 courts with great spectator seating.

Policies of the Minneapolis Convention Center and Northern Lights

Coolers & Portable Chairs

The Minneapolis Convention Center has a No Cooler or outside food policy. They will no longer allow coolers, bags of food, etc, anywhere inside the building. This means you cannot bring coolers, bags of food, etc into any part of the building including the lobbies. This is a Convention Center Policy, not a Northern Lights Policy.

No portable chairs are allowed in the Minneapolis Convention Center. Please do not bring them, the security guards will not allow them inside. There are chairs at all courts for spectators.

Warm-up Volleyballs Supplied

Northern Lights is pleased to be able to supply warm up balls and ball carts on all courts. Teams should not bring any volleyballs to the tournament, security will not allow them inside the playing area.

We are one of the only tournaments in the Nation that provides Warm-up Volleyballs. No more forgetting the balls at home or in the gym! Please take special note of USAV warm up rules which prohibit warm up with volleyballs on unoccupied courts and in any aisles.