Competition Results and Team Strength Information

We are pleased to announce that TM2sign has over the past few months accumulated a huge seeding database that contains all of the results from competitions that used any of the 3 major online scheduling systems. Those systems are TM2sign, Advanced Event Systems (AES), and Sport Wrench. If your team played in a competition that was scheduled on one of those systems, we already have the results in the seeding database.

If you wish to have results from competitions that did not use one of the above online scheduling systems considered for seeding, you may enter them in the TM2sign system.

Teams which have not played in an event using one of the above online scheduling systems are encouraged to enter results by April 14th or they may be seeded at the bottom.

This tournament will be seeded using a computer seeding program. The seeding program takes into account your win/lose record, head-to-head results, age levels you play, and other factors. Teams which have no valid results in the system will end up seeded at the bottom or in the same pool.

Procedure to manually enter results which were not played on one of the 4 above named on-line scheduling systems.

Results can be entered manually on the website, or may be imported.

  1. Log into your Club’s account.
  2. Click on Teams
  3. Click on the team you wish to enter results for.
  4. Click on “Competition Results”.
  5. Follow the instructions on the website.



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