Attendance Wavier

All persons attending this event are bound by the waiver found by clicking here.  There is no need to sign this waiver; your attendance at this event is your agreement to the terms in this waiver.


Any person attending the event, including but not limited to players, coaches, spectators and working staff, who has been tested for any infectious disease and been found to be “positive” may not attend this event.   A person who has been tested for an infectious disease but has not yet been received the results from that test is not permitted to attend the event.

If a person in attendance at the event has a test during the event and is found to be positive,  the Northern Lights Qualifier will follow the NE & MN State guidelines which are in effect at that time concerning contacts and continued participation of affected people attending the event.

Allina Health Orthopedics (formerly Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists)

Allina Health Orthopedics will provide all of your minor medical and athletic training needs at the 2021 Northern Lights Qualifier in Minneapolis.

During the tournament, you can find them centrally located by the “Medical” flag.

More information about Allina Health Orthopedics can be found here.