On-Site Registration, Verified Rosters, Coaches Meeting, Practice times, Cooler Policy

Roster Verification 

All players and staff listed on your roster will be verified by the USAV National office. Players and Staff need to be in the USAV Webpoint Region registration system. If you have questions concerning this, contact your Region office to verify that your data has been placed in Webpoint.


Prior to beginning play, a coach, team rep or club director must confirm his/her team’s presence at the tournament and present their barcoded Check In Form from TM2Sign.com. An example of the Barcoded Check In Form can be viewed by clicking here.

For the January 18’s event (18 Open, 18 USA, 18 American), Check in will be located in the lobby of the Omaha CHI Health Convention Center on Thursday January 10 from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m.

For the April event, Check in will be located at the Championship Desk in Hall C/D of the Minneapolis Convention Center on Thursday April 18 or Thursday April 25 from 4 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

All teams must be checked in prior to the closing time on THURSDAY EVENING.  There is NO check in on Friday.   Please be sure to plan your travel to the tournament such that the person responsible for checking in the team arrives on Thursday early enough to make it to team Check in at the Convention Center.

Please do not call us and ask if you can check in late or check in on Friday, the answer will be that you may check in at any time during the above stated hours on Thursday.   Plan you travel accordingly.

To Check In:

  • You must have your preprinted, Barcoded Check In form.
  • The Check In form must have all players and staff listed.
  • No handwritten changes will be accepted on the Check In Form.
  • There are no computers at check in to print out the form. You must print it out from TM2Sign.com before you come, or you will need to go to a local copy shop or your hotel and print it out.
  • You must have a paper copy, a copy of it on your phone is not acceptable.

During the check in process, the coach, team rep, or club director must sign the team’s roster, verifying that all the information contained on the roster is both complete and correct, and that all coaches for the team are Impact or CAP certified. The person signing for the team is responsible for verifying that everything is correct and true on the roster. Teams are advised that any penalties for incorrect information will be assessed regardless of who signed the roster.

Official Roster Submission

The roster you submit at Team Check-in is the team’s Official Roster for this event and the ONLY Official Roster.  Once it is submitted at check in, it cannot be changed.  The deadline for submitting an Official Roster is 9:00 pm CDT on the Thursday before the team plays.

The roster for any team winning a bid will be frozen as submitted at registration. The Qualifier will send a copy of this roster to the JNC Director of Competition following the conclusion of the Qualifier as the team’s official roster for JNC’s.

Coaches Meeting

There is no coaches meeting at the Mizuno Northern Lights Qualifier.

Cooler Policy 

The Convention Center has a “No Cooler Policy”. Participants and spectators will not be permitted to bring coolers/food into any part of the Convention Center. Please inform all players, parents and coaches of this policy.

This No Cooler Policy is NOT being controlled by Northern Lights. It is a Convention Center Policy. Northern Lights will not answer any questions concerning this policy. All questions and comments about this policy should be directed to the Convention Center staff.

Tournament Schedule

The official schedule is the schedule found on the TM2sign website display at TM2Sign.com, and also found at the Results Stations at the Convention Center. Be sure you check the website each evening, or the results computers at the Convention Center. There will be no printed postings at any site. If you want a paper schedule, be sure you print it out before you leave and bring it with you.

We promise to post the entire schedule on this website no later than Wednesday night before the tournament. We will make every attempt to post it earlier! Our goal is to post the schedule on Monday night before the tournament, if we have all of the information.

Practice Times

Practice courts will be available for the April event on Thursday from 4:30 pm until 8:30 pm (this means practice will end at 8:30 pm). Teams may come to the Convention Center between 4:30 pm and 8:30 pm to practice. Practice courts are available on a first come first serve basis on the 1/2 hour in Halls C, D & E. The maximum time a team may have on the court is 1 hour, and all courts change at 5:30, 6:30, & 7:30 regardless of how long you have been on the court.

For safety reasons our set up has to be 100% complete before we will allow any courts to be used. Therefore we reserve the right to cancel or delay the start of practice sessions should we deem it necessary.