Power League Officiating

Paid First Officials

Northern Lights will be offering paid first officials for 2020. Having paid First Officials has been well-received in the past years it has been offered. The benefits of a paid First Official are:

  • Paid officials keep matches running on time
  • Paid officials allow coaches to assist scorers
  • Paid officials give a more professional appearance
  • Players learn to officiate properly by watching a trained official

Teams will be assigned officiating and scorekeeping tasks in the same manner as in a normal tournament.  You will be required to supply a down official, scorekeeper, Libero tracker, scoreboard operator, and two line judges.  You will also be required to supply a first (up) official in the event that one is not available. 

Note to all coaches, per North Country Region Rules:

The head coach, assistant coach or a registered adult must be the SECOND referee.  This adult must be registered with North Country Region USA Volleyball and have attended an official’s clinic.

For the 12 & Under Division, we are requesting that if there is only one coach, that the coach be at the SCORE TABLE assisting with scorekeeping.  If need be, the first official can handle a 12 & Under court on their own.  If there are two coaches, one coach should assist the scorekeeping while the other is the second referee.