Power League Attendance Policy / Policy for Missing League Dates

You must notify us by EMAIL at northernlights@midwestvolleyball.com. NO PHONE CALLS.

1) Teams will be excused from any league date, for any reason, as long as they notify us at least two weeks in advance or before the schedule is posted.
• There is no refund for the missed date.
• Because of movement of teams within the league, your team is not guaranteed placement back into the league in their exact position.
• Every effort will be made for the team to hold their position, however there may be instances where placing your team in the exact position is not possible or must be adjusted.

2) Your team can find replacement players or a replacement team. Below are suitable options.
• Use any of the other players or teams in your club that are eligible in that age division.
• Find another team that is in the league and get them to play for you.
• Find another USAV registered team that is eligible in your age division to play for you.
• Placement of your team back into the league will depend on your replacement team’s finish.

Northern Lights does not need to be notified if you are using replacement players from within your club. However, we must be notified of any changes where an entire team is replacing your team. If time allows, we will change the team name on the schedule to reflect any name changes of the replacement team. If not, your team name will still appear on the schedule.

3) If your team notifies us about missing their league date AFTER the schedule has been posted and prior to the Friday before competition, we will adjust the schedule (time permitting).
• There is no refund for the missed date.
• All matches will be considered forfeits.
• Your team will be placed back into the league as if they had lost all of their matches.

4) If your team notifies us about missing Friday or later, or does not show up for a league date without giving any prior warning, they will be dropped from the league until a $150 penalty has been paid.  Teams that do not pay their penalties by the final league date, or do not show up for competition on  the final league date will not be allowed into the league the following year until the penalty has been paid.