General Information

All persons attending this event, participants or spectators, are subject to the Terms & Agreement found by clicking here.


Admission is required for all spectators over the age of 6.  You may purchase:

  • Three-day wristbands:  Coated plastic with a permanent snap.  Once it is snapped on, it cannot be removed.
  • One-day wristbands:  Coated paper.  Color-specific for one particular day of the tournament.

WRISTBANDS MUST BE WORN ON THE WRIST.  Putting your wristband on a purse, bag, or anywhere other than your wrist will result in denied entry to the playing area.

There are no replacements for lost or forgotten wristbands.  If you lose your wristband, leave it at home, leave it in your hotel room, etc., you will need to purchase another one.

Admission Rates

Online wristband sales are now active for the 2020 January Thaw.

Admission Hours

Here are the hours we will be open for wristband purchases and online wristband pick-up:

  • Thursday 4:00pm – 8:00pm (Ticket Booth/Will Call Table)
  • Friday 7:00am – Closing (Ticket Booth/Will Call Table)
  • Saturday 7:00am – Closing (Ticket Booth for all Transactions)
  • Sunday 7:00am – Closing (Ticket Booth for all Transactions)

Will Call (for online wristband pick-up) will be located at a table near the ticket booths on Thursday and Friday and will move to the ticket booths for Saturday and Sunday.  Please read the signs; any station labeled “Will Call” is for online wristband pick-up only.

Online vs. In-Person Purchases

We strongly urge you to purchase your wristbands online to avoid long lines at the Convention Center.

Senior/student discounted passes are not available online; however the price is the same online as it is with the discount in-person.

All in-person sales are CASH ONLY.  Credit cards can still be used, but the staff will direct you to use the same online purchasing system that is available to you before reaching the venue.

To purchase wristbands online:

  • Using your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer, go to
  • Select the Northern Lights Qualifier/January Thaw by clicking the “Register” button (both events are listed together).
  • Select 1-day or 3-day wristbands.  (If you would like a 3-day wristbands, please do not select three 1-day wristbands)
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail which has your voucher/QR code attached.
  • Bring your voucher/QR code to the Will Call table located near the ticket booth.
  • We will scan your QR code and give you the wristbands you purchased.
  • You may bring either a paper copy of your voucher/QR code or an electronic copy on your smart phone.  However, whatever you present to us must have the QR code on it in order to be redeemable.

The pick-up process for online wristband sales is incredibly fast.  If spectators have their QR code out and ready, our staff will spend less than 20 seconds with you until the transaction is done.

One-day wristbands have the following limitations:

  • Thursday/Friday in-person purchases and online voucher redemptions are for admission to the event on Friday only.
  • Saturday in-person purchases and online voucher redemptions are for admission to the event on Saturday only.
  • Sunday in-person purchases and online voucher redemptions are for admissions to the event on Sunday only.

You can buy multiple one-day wristbands at once online and the credits will remain in your account, but you can only redeem one-day wristbands on/for that particular day.

Refund Policy

All sales are final.  No refunds will be given for any reason.

Players & Coaches

Teams will be given wristbands for their players and coaches at team check-in.

If a player would like to enter the venue prior to the date/time your team plays, it is encouraged that you contact your coach to make arrangements to pick-up your player wristband from them early.