Congratulations to all our Northern Lights teams that competed this weekend!
Winter Freebie:
12-1’s received 1st Place 
January Thaw:
13-1’s received 8th Place in 15 Club
14-1’s received 5th Place in 15 Club
14-2’s received 10th Place in 15 Club
15-1’s received 1st Place in 16 Club 
15-2’s received 1st Place in 15 Club 
15-Black received 3rd Place in 15 Club 
15-Red received 4th Place in 15 Club
15-White received 6th Place in 15 Club
15-Zinc received 7th Place in 15 Club
16-2’s received 2nd place in 16 Club 
16-Black received 3rd Place in 16 Club 
16-Red received 5th Place in 16 Club
16-White received 3rd Place in 16 Club 
Mizuno Northern Lights Qualifier:
16-1’s received 17th in 18 USA
17-1’s received 1st Place in 17 Open 
17-2’s received 14th in 17 Open
17-Black received 9th in 17 USA
17-Red received 3rd in 17 American 
17-White received 13th in 17 American
18-1’s received 13th in 18 Open
18-2’s received 7th in 18 USA
18-Black received 3rd in 18 American