Speed, Agility, Quickness and Jump Training
in our 5,200+ square foot SAQ room!


Vertical Jumps for Northern Lights Players who have trained with our program have increased by up to 8″!

With our unique volleyball-specific SAQ program we see the benefits of stronger players and lower injury rates than other clubs in the area.Our players also typically see a 3-5″ gain in their vertical jump, some of our athletes have seen some incredible vertical increases, as high as 9+” !

  • Our facility has a special 5200+ sq ft room dedicated only to our SAQ program. We believe in concentrating completely on volleyball. No Hockey Players, Wrestlers, or Baseball players will be taking up your space!
  • We have a treadmill and an Open Stride Adaptive Motion Trainer (the latest technology in Elliptical machines) in our SAQ room. Players can now do rehab work when they can’t play. We invest in keeping our players at the top physically.
  • In addition to our 5200+ sq ft SAQ room, we have an additional 10,000 sq ft available for activities requiring more space! That’s a total of 15,000+ sq ft (over 4 volleyball courts) of space for SAQ training!
  • We have a CSCS Certified SAQ program director who worked for us the past 9 years. We also have an SAQ instructor who has worked with hundreds of volleyball athletes.
  • We also have three assistant SAQ coaches to help give each athlete more personalized attention.
  • We strongly believe our SAQ program gave our players one of the added edges needed to win the National Championship and to still have some “legs” at the end of those long tournaments.
  • We also believe our SAQ program was responsible for one of the lowest number of injuries we have seen in our club history.
  • Our program is a unique and highly customized SAQ program that was originally formulated and used with the Colorado based Front Range Club. Over the past 8 years we have modified it to be even more volleyball specific and geared towards our younger athletes. Some parts of the program have even been implemented at the National Team level.
  • During club season, the SAQ program will be run for all age levels 2-4 times a week at our facility and will be integrated with your schedule.

All sessions are held at:

Midwest Volleyball Warehouse
14050 Judicial Road
Burnsville, MN 55337

Our SAQ room is a state-of-the-art facility that is Air-Conditioned. 

No other SAQ program in Minnesota is like this, and even our SAQ director admits they have never seen a program as specialized and unique as this!