2019 Season History

2019 Season History

2019 Teams



US Junior National Championships – June 27 – July 6, 2019

Northern Lights placed 2 of our 7 teams into the Gold Championship Brackets at the US Junior National Championships and medaled 1 of them.  Northern Lights had 3 All Tournament player selections.  Congratulations to Northern Lights 16-2 for placing 3rd in the 16 USA Division.


3 Northern Lights All Tournament Selections

Player NameTeam
Rachel WieberNorthern Lights 16-2
Payton WillmanNorthern Lights 16-2
Ella ChristNorthern Lights 15-2


Final Finishes

TeamFinal FinishDivision
17-119th17 National
17-223rd17 USA
16-131st16 Open
16-23rd – Gold Bracket16 USA
15-131st15 Open
15-25th- Gold Bracket15 American
14-120th14 National


AAU National Championships Trip (12s – 17s) – June 15-28, 2019

Northern Lights placed 10 of our 21 teams into the Gold Championship Brackets at the AAU National Championships and medaled 3 of them. Two teams have been in the finals, and NL teams won 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze medal. Also thanks to the 150+ players and parents for supporting the 13-1 and 17-Black teams in their finals.  NL had 12 AAU All American selections.

Mizuno Northern Lights 13-1 place 1st at
the AAU National Championships 13 Premier


Mizuno Northern Lights 17-Black place 2nd at
the AAU National Championships 17 Club


Mizuno Northern Lights 17-Red place 3rd at
the AAU National Championships 17 Aspire


Mizuno Northern Lights 14-Black place 5th at
the AAU National Championships 14 Aspire


Mizuno Northern Lights 15-2 place 5th at
the AAU National Championships 15 Premier


Mizuno Northern Lights 15-Red 5th at
the AAU National Championships 15 Aspire


Mizuno Northern Lights 16-Black place 5th at
the AAU National Championships 16 Club



12 Northern Lights AAU All American Selections

Player NameTeam
Mackenzie CloseNorthern Lights 17-Black
Charlotte NelsonNorthern Lights 17-Black
Katilyn SteffesNorthern Lights 17-Black
Danielle FriedgesNorthern Lights 17-Red
Brooke SolbergNorthern Lights 17-Red
Hannah Howell
Northern Lights 16-Black
Emma BerranNorthern Lights 15-2
Mia PotterNorthern Lights 15-Red
Kaitlyn SellnerNorthern Lights 14-Black
Maddy DombeckNorthern Lights 13-1 MVP
Reis BauneNorthern Lights 13-1
Molly KlembarskyNorthern Lights 13-1



TeamFinal FinishDivision
17-125th17 Open
17-278th17 Premier
17-Black2nd– Gold Bracket17 Club
17-Red3rd – Gold Bracket17 Aspire
17-White24th17 Classic
16-19th- Gold Bracket16 Open
16-220th16 Premier
16-Black5th- Gold Bracket16 Club
16-Red33rd16 Aspire
16-White9th – Gold Bracket16 Classic
15-113th15 Open
15-25th – Gold Bracket15 Premier
15-Black9th – Gold Bracket15 Club
15-Red5th – Gold Bracket15 Aspire
15-White66th15 Classic
14-111th14 Open
14-220th14 Club
14-B5th Gold Bracket14 Aspire
13-11st – Gold Bracket13 Premier
13-259th13 Club
12-117th12 Club


2019 Maurice Batie Award

Congratulations to Anna Erickson on earning the 2019 Maurice Batie Award of Excellence!

As a tribute to Maurice and all that he stood for, every year a graduating senior is honored with an award in his name. This award is given to someone who is “a player” and “good people” which is someone who is completely invested in the sport, willing to make others around her better, and display positive energy.


AAU 18’s Nationals – May 2019

Our 18-1’s traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in the AAU Nationals of 2019. They had great success in the tournament and competed in the National Championship, earning 2nd place! Congratulations to the players and coaches on an awesome season!

Kyndra Hansen, Mari Hinkle and Kennedi Orr received All-American Awards. 




Stars & Stripes Classic – Minneapolis & Milwaukee

Mizuno Northern Lights had 31 teams participate in the first Annual Stars & Stripes Classic Tournament.  All teams in the 14’s and  younger divisions traveled to Milwaukee to participate at the Milwaukee Sting training facility.  15’s and older teams remained in Minneapolis and competed at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

It was a successful tournament, with 20 of our teams placing in the top 5 of their divisions! Congratulations to the 18-2’s on taking 1st place and remaining undefeated in the 18 & Under Division; a great way to end their season! Congratulations to 17-Black on placing 1st in the 17 Premier Division and to 17-Red on placing first in the 17 Club Division! We are very proud of our teams and their hard work.

11-111th12 Girls
12-13rd12 Girls
12-210th12 Girls
13-113th14 Open
13-23rd13 Girls
13-Black5th13 Girls
13-Red13th13 Girls
14-12nd14 Open
14-211th14 Open
14-Black3rd14 Open
14-Red3rd14 Club
14-White5th14 Club
14-Zinc7th14 Club
15-12nd15 Open
15-22nd15 Premier
15-Black3rd15 Premier
15-Red5th15 Club
15-White22nd15 Club
16-13rd16 Open
16-25th16 Open
16-Black3rd16 Premier
16-Red3rd16 Club
16-White7th16 Club
17-13rd17 Open
17-27th17 Open
17-Black1st17 Premier
17-Red1st17 Club
17-White6th17 Club
18-21st18’s Division
18-Black5th18’s Division
18-Red6th18’s Division


Northern Lights 18-2 placed 1st in the 18’s Division.

Northern Lights 17-Black placed 1st in the 17 Premier Division

Northern Lights 17-Red placed 1st in the 17 Club Division.


2019 AAU Super Regional

Mizuno Northern Lights had 21 teams participate in the 2019 AAU Super Regional.  Congratulations to 14-Black on 1st place in the Girls 14 & Under Division, 15-1 on 1st place in the Girls 15 & Under Division, 16-2 on 1st place in the Girls 16 & Under Division, and 17-Black on 1st place in the Girls 17 & Under Division! Thank you to the athletes, coaches, and parents for a great weekend!

12-14th14’s Division
13-13rd14’s Division
13-27th14’s Division
14-13rd15’s Division
14-22nd14’s Division
14-Black1st14’s Division
15-11st15’s Division
15-25th15’s Division
15-Black4th15’s Division
15-Red2nd15’s Division
15-White8th15’s Division
16-13rd16’s Division
16-21st16’s Division
16-Black2nd16’s Division
16-Red4th16’s Division
16-White9th16’s Division
17-13rd17’s Division
17-22nd17’s Division
17-Black1st17’s Division
17-Red6th17’s Division
17-White11th17’s Division


MNL Spring Freebie

Mizuno Northern Lights had 6 teams participate in the 2019 Mizuno Northern Lights Spring Freebie!

Congratulations to our teams on their successful weekend:

13-Black2nd13’s Division
13-Red6th13’s Division
14-Black2nd15/16’s Division
14-Red4th14’s Division
14-White5th14’s Division
14-Zinc3rd14’s Division


Northern Lights 13-Black placed 2nd in the 13’s Division

Northern Lights 14-Zinc placed 3rd in the 14’s Division

Northern Lights 14-Black placed 2nd in the 15/16’s Division

NLQ Week 2

Northern Lights had 13 teams play in Week 2 of the 2019 Mizuno Northern Lights Qualifier! Congratulations to our 12-1 for placing 1st in the 12 American Division!  #MNLproud! Thank you to the athletes, coaches, and parents for a great weekend!

Final Finishes:

11-18th11 National
12-11st12 American
12-213th12 American
16-17th16 Open
16-225rd16 Open
16-Black14th16 USA
16-Red9th16 American
16-White9th16 American
17-115th17 Open
17-29th17 USA
17-Black9th17 American
17-Red5th17 American
17-White19th17 American

Northern Lights 12-1 placed 1st in the 12 American Division

NLQ Week 1

Northern Lights had 15 teams play in Week 1 of the 2019 Mizuno Northern Lights Qualifier! Congratulations to the 15-1’s for taking 2nd place in the 15 Open Division and receiving a bid for Nationals! Congratulations to the 13-1’s for taking 3rd place in the 13 USA Division.  Thank you to the athletes, coaches, and parents for a great weekend!

Final Finishes:

13-13rd13 USA
13-27th13 USA
13-Black19th13 American
13-Red17th13 American
14-17th14 Open
14-211th14 USA
14-Black7th14 USA
14-Red17th14 American
14-White35th14 American
14-Zinc21st14 American
15-12nd15 Open
15-27th15 USA
15-Black6th15 USA
15-Red9th15 American
15-White31st15 American


Northern Lights 15-1 placed 2nd in the 15 Open Division

Northern Lights 13-1 placed 3rd in the 13 USA Division

MNL 18’s Travel to Italy!

The Northern Lights 18-1, 18-2, 18-Black, & 18-Red teams will be traveling and competing in Italy from April 14 – 23 with BringitUSA.

Congratulations to our Northern Lights teams that competed in the MNL Challenge 2019!

13-2’s placed 1st in the 13’s Division

14-Black placed 1st in the 14’s Division

16-Black placed 1st in the 16’s Division

17-Red placed 1st in the 17’s Division

14-White placed 2nd in the 14’s Division

16-Red placed 2nd in the 16’s Division

16-White placed 3rd in the 16’s Division

17-White placed 3rd in the 17’s Division

  ?13-Black placed 5th in the 13’s Division
?13-Red placed 6th in the 13’s Division
?14-Red placed 5th in the 14’s Division
?14-Zinc placed 8th in the 14’s Division

Show Me Qualifier & Red Rock Rave Qualifier 2019

Congratulations to our Northern Lights Teams that competed in either the Show Me Qualifier (Kansas City, MO) or the Red Rock Rave Qualifier (Las Vegas, NV).

Northern Lights 17-Black competed in the Red Rock Rave Qualifier while all other teams listed were at the Show Me Qualifier.

Teams earning a bid this weekend included 16-1 (16 Open), 16-2 (16 USA, double qualified), and 17-2 (17 USA).  17-Black declined their bid in 17 American.

15-117th15 Open
16-13rd16 Open
16-21st16 USA
17-18th17 Open
17-23rd17 USA
17-Black1st17 American
17-Red9th17 American


10th Annual Mizuno Northern Lights 12’s Cup

Five Mizuno Northern Lights Teams competed in the 10th annual Mizuno Northern Lights 12’s Cup! Congratulations to the 12-1’s for taking 1st place in the Open Division, and YDT-Black for taking 1st place in the Club Division.

12-11st12 Open
12-27th12 Open
11-18th12 Open
12-YDT Black1st12 Club
12-YDT Red8th12 Club
Youth Clinic Black3rd12 Club

Congratulations to McKenna Garr, Emerson Dillion, Phiya Strand, and Jamie McGuffee for making the All Tournament Team and a special shoutout to Teagan Jaynes and Alaina Johnston for earning the tournament MVP’s.

 2019 Colorado Crossroads

Congratulations to the all of our Northern Lights teams that competed at Week 1 of the Colorado Crossroads 2019!
14-17th14 Open
15-19th15 Open
15-219th15 USA
15-Black17th15 American


Congratulations to the all of our Northern Lights teams that competed at Week 2 of the Colorado Crossroads 2019!
16-14th16 Open
16-22nd16 USA
16-Black5th16 USA
16-Red17th16 American
16-White21st16 American
17-110th17 Open
17-White21st17 American
18-11st18 Open
18-215th18 Open
18-Black5th18 American
18-Red9th18 American


Omaha Presidents’ Day Classic 2019

Northern Lights sent 24 teams down to Omaha, Nebraska for the 2019 ASICS Omaha Presidents’ Day. On the second day we had 20 teams playing in Gold! Our 13-1, 14-Black, 15-Black, 16-Black, and 17-2’s teams took first place in their divisions. We also had five teams receive second place, and six teams receive third! Thank you to the athletes, coaches, chaperones, and parents for a great weekend!




12-13rd12 Club
13-11st13 Club
13-217th13 Club
14-12nd14 Open
14-23rd14 Club
14-Black1st14 Club
15-12nd15 Open
15-23rd15 Club
15-Black1st15 Club
15-Red9th15 Club
15-White32nd15 Club
16-12nd16 Open
16-23rd16 Open
16-Black1st16 Club
16-Red17th16 Club
16-White9th16 Club
17-12nd17 Open
17-21st17 Club
17-Black9th17 Club
17-Red3rd17 Club
17-White30th17 Club
18-23rd18 Open
18-Black2nd18 Club
18-Red5th18 Club


NorthStar Presidents’ Day Challenge

Northern Lights had seven teams participate in the NorthStar Presidents’ Day Challenge in Minneapolis. Congratulations to our athletes and coaches on a successful and fun weekend!


11-126th11/12 Silver
12-22nd11/12 Gold
13-Black7th13 Gold
13-Red11th13 Gold
14-Red6th14 Gold
14-White22nd14 Gold
14-Zinc29th14 Gold

MNL Winter Freebie

Mizuno Northern Lights had 23 teams participate in the 2019 Mizuno Northern Lights Winter Freebie!

Congratulations to 14-2, 15-Black, 16-Black, 16-1 and 18-1 for winning their divisions.

13-1, 15-2, 16-Red, 16-2 and 17-1 took second while 12-1, 15-Red, 14-1, 15-1 and 18-2 all took third.

18-11st18’s Division
18-23rd18’s Division
18-Black4th18’s Division
18-Red8th18’s Division
17-12nd18’s Division
17-25th17’s Division
17-Black6th17’s Division
17-Red4th17’s Division
17-White7th17’s Division
16-11st17’s Division
16-22nd17’s Division
16-Black1st16’s Division
16-Red2nd16’s Division
16-White4th16’s Division
15-13rd17’s Division
15-22nd15’s Division
15-Black1st15’s Division
15-Red3rd15’s Division
15-White5th15’s Division
14-13rd16’s Division
14-21st13/14’s Division
13-12nd13/14’s Division
12-13rd13/14’s Division

2018 Gatorade Player of the Year (Minnesota)

Congratulations to our 18-1’s setter, Kennedi Orr, on receiving the honor of Minnesota Gatorade Player of the Year 2018!

Read the Press Release Here



2019 January Thaw and 18’s National Qualifier

Congratulations to the 28 Northern Lights teams that participated in our annual January Thaw! #MNLproud





12-11st Place12 Club
13-15th Place14 Club
13-25th Place12/13 Club
13-Black5th Place12/13 Club
13-Red7th Place12/13 Club
14-11st Place14 Club
14-22nd Place14 Club
14-Black3rd Place14 Club
14-Red5th Place14 Club
14-White17th Place14 Club
14-Zinc11th Place14 Club
15-11st Place15 Club
15-23rd Place15 Club
15-Black8th Place15 Club
15-Red5th Place15 Club
15-White12th Place15 Club
16-Black2nd Place16 Club
16-Red4th Place16 Club
16-White8th Place16 Club
17-12nd Place17/18 Club
17-25th Place17/18 Club
17-Black8th Place17/18 Club
17-Red13th Place17/18 Club
17-White14th Place17/18 Club
18-12nd Place18 Open
18-27th Place18 Open
18-Black3rd Place18 American
18-Red9th Place18 American


Northern Lights sent 28 teams to Omaha, Nebraska for the 2019 January Thaw and the 18’s National Qualifier. The 18-1 team finished 2nd in the 18 Open Division and the 18-Black team finished 3rd in the 18 American Division in the 18’s National Qualifier! The 12-1’s took first place in the 12 Club Division, and the 14-1’s and 15-1’s went undefeated this weekend, winning the 14 Club Division and 15 Club Division! Thank you to the athletes, coaches, chaperones, and parents for a great weekend!


NL Netherlands/Austria Trip 2018

From December 25 – January 6 2019 Northern Lights was in Apeldoorn Netherlands and then in Innsbruck Austria playing in two tournaments with both our 16-1 and our 16-2 team. Pictures are posted on the Northern Lights Facebook pageand videos can be found on the Northern Lights YouTube site!

Congratulations 2018 All-Tournament Players

Northern Lights would like to extend our congratulations to the 7 NL players named as All-Tournament selections following the State Tournament this year.

Congratulations 2018 All-State Players

Northern Lights would like to extend our congratulations to all of the High School Players in Minnesota who were selected for the MN Coaches Association All State teams. 16 players from Northern Lights were honored with a 1st Team selection or an Honorable Mention. They are:


Congrats All-Metro Players

Northern Lights would like to extend our congratulations to the 12 Northern Lights Players who were selected to the Star Tribune All-Metro Teams.


Congrats to 35 State Tournament Participants

Northern Lights would like to congratulate the 35 players from the club who qualified for the Minnesota High School State Tournament in 2018. Have a great tournament!