Northern Lights Qualifier Molten Volleyballs

Northern Lights, in conjunction with Molten, is pleased to announce that we will be supplying all warm up balls, ball carts, and match play balls for this event.

There will be twelve (12) labeled warmup balls and one (1) cart per court. The rules are very simple:

  1.  No volleyballs or ball carts are allowed into or out of the Minneapolis Convention Center halls. Do NOT bring any volleyballs or ball carts to the Minneapolis Convention Center.Door security will not let you bring them in.
  2. When your warm up time is over, there must be 12 balls in the cart for the opposing team to warm up.
    Not laying on the court, or by the cart, but IN THE CART.
  3. Matches will not start until all 12 balls are found for your court.If your player hits the ball off your court, your team needs to go shag it and bring it back. If you don’t want to be there until 1 am . . . make sure your players shag the balls at all times and put them back in the cart.
  4. Players may not warm up on empty courts or in the aisles or in spectator areas. New USAV rules enacted last year prohibit this activity. You may only warm up with volleyballs during your allocated warm up court time. Please inform all players of this rule.
  5. Balls and carts may NOT be moved to different courts.
    This includes practice sessions prior to the event, warmups, etc.

Please help this succeed by making sure your players shag the balls they hit off the court and by not bringing any volleyballs to the event.