Mizuno Northern Lights Qualifier Stay & Play Local Team Definition

The Northern Lights Stay & Play policy has an exemption for teams which are in the Local Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

The definition of “Local” is a team which is within 50 miles of the Minneapolis Convention Center.

A team’s home location will be established by one or more of the following items.

  1. The team’s home town as indicated in their club or team’s name
  2. The address of the team’s office.
  3. The address of the team’s club director.
  4. The address of the team’s head coach.
  5. The addresses of players on the team.
  6. The primary practice location of the team.
  7. The high school the team may be associated with.
  8. Other publications or social media which indicate the location of the club/team.

A club/team that has less than 80% of its players within the 50 mile limit is not considered a local team.

A club/team that attempts to use an address within the 50 mile limit for the purposes of claiming to be a local team, will not be granted “local” status.

Northern Lights staff will make the final determination of a team’s “local” status.

If you have a question about your team’s status under this policy, please email us at northernlights@midwestvolleyball.com