January Thaw Entry Checklist

Follow this step-by-step checklist to successfully enter the Northern Lights January Thaw:


  • REGISTER YOUR TEAM(S).  Log into your Club Director’s account on www.TM2sign.com You will want to Enter Events, then scroll down to find he Northern Lights January Thaw.  The deadline to register can be found on this page: January Thaw  You do not need to have a completed roster to register for the tournament.
  • PAY FOR YOUR REGISTRATION.  You may pay online with a credit card at the same time you register or you may opt to send a check instead.  Please follow the online instructions on how to pay with a check.
  • BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOMS.  We have secured very good room rates at the Omaha downtown hotels. These are guaranteed to be the lowest rate available. You may book these hotel rooms through The THS Company.  Please visit The THS January Thaw Hotel Room website for further information in October.
  • RECEIVE TOURNAMENT ACCEPTANCE.  Your team(s) will be accepted once you have paid your entry fee and fulfilled the Stay & Play hotel requirements (non local teams).  You will receive an email when the acceptance has been processed. Acceptance emails are usually sent within 24-48 business hours of your team being registered, paid, and hotel requirements met.
  • BOOK YOUR TRAVEL.  If you need to make any bus, plane or car arrangements to attend the Northern Lights January Thaw, do it after your team has received its acceptance email.
  • ENTER COMPETITION RESULTS.  Log into your Club Director’s account on www.TM2sign.com and enter the results for each team.  Instructions can be found on that site. For accurate seeding your results need to be entered no later than January 6.
  • BUILD YOUR ROSTER.  Log into your Club Director’s account on www.TM2sign.com and enter the players and staff who will be on each team. You may also find more information about creating your roster by clicking here.
  • SUBMIT/VALIDATE YOUR ROSTER.  Players and staff members on each team must be USAV members in good standing to play at the Northern Lights January Thaw.  You must submit/validate your roster in www.TM2sign.com once it has been completed.
  • PRINT YOUR CHECK-IN FORM.  Right before traveling, be sure to print a check-in form for each team that is participating.  A check-in form will have your full roster and a QR Code on it.  Be sure to fill out of the requested information and signatures before arriving at the check-in desk at the Omaha Century Link Convention Center.  We cannot print these forms at the desk.  To view an example of what the check-in form looks like, click here
  • CHECK-IN.  Check-in for the Northern Lights January Thaw is Friday afternoon from 1:30-4:30pm.   Check-in is located in the main Lobby at the Tournament Desk.   No roster changes may be made once your team has started play. Additional check in information is found in your acceptance email.